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Social Media Management

We offer social media management to ensure your website stays highly competitive on search engine results! Our management service covers the most popular and efficient social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.

Management Features:

· Create Necessary Social Media Pages
· Optimize Existing Social Media Pages
· Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Daily Updates to Social Media Pages
· Oversee Webmaster Tool Accounts (Google and Bing)
· Oversee, Optimize, Update Website Blogs
· Monitor and Oversee All Google Accounts: Adwords, Google+, Google Webmaster Tools

We Highly Recommend For Best Results:
· Facebook Marketing/Engagement - Weekly Postings
· Twitter Marketing/Engagement - Daily Tweets
· Instagram Marketing/Engagement - Daily Postings

Maximize your online visibility by optimizing your social media web presence - a must for any business!

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We offer consultation services for those who want to blog and write articles on websites such as: medium.com. We can help you set up accounts and guide you on how to optimize your postings for SEO purposes.

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